Market Common



What are retired baby boomers doing in Myrtle Beach? They are cycling through The Market Common! More than 35% of the cycling growth in the nation is due to men & women aged 60 and up finding their pace and place behind handlebars instead of steering wheels.


Most interesting is the growing popularity of MAMIL’s (middle-aged men in Lycra) who are drawn to riding groups with similar fellows.  They join for many reasons but most commonly are the competitive tones with which they challenge each other to be better, faster, stronger in a non-combative way. This sector of the rider is the fastest growing group in the USA and abroad to date.

Oxford Dictionary Definition of MAMIL

(British Informal, Noun) ‘A middle-aged man who is a very keen road cyclist, typically one who rides an expensive bike and wears the type of clothing associated with professional cyclists.’

Pee Dee Bicycle conveniently located in The Market Common not only sells quality bicycles, but they also rent bicycles for tourists and residents alike. They have several organized weekly rides tailored to different age groups and experience levels. Their staff is diversified so they have specialists in each of the major cycling categories to offer the rider the best experience possible regardless of their age, skill or even their desired level of riding. Touring, mountain bikes and competition bikes are very different, and it helps to know that there are knowledgeable people to help you make smart decisions.  


The Market Common has a multitude of bike trails throughout the community and 114 acres of streets in which to ride. Just south of the common next to a community called Seagate is a new bike park dedicated by the city showing that they recognize the direction that health and fitness are headed in.

Market Common


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